Mark Horton does doors not windows

We were just introduced to some amazing doors on a recent trip over to witness the setup of Human Nature, a photography exhibit at 3A Gallery inside the Mark Horton Architecture studio located on South Park in San Francisco.

We were shown two different doors within the studio and asked Mark to describe how he made them. The first one they created was made of wood with small different shaped windows within it. All of the materials came from local suppliers here in the city such as Standard Sheet Metal, Page Glass and even Home Depot.


The wooden doors had a pin hinge at the end so the door would swivel out and a lock at the bottom of the door going into the floor as opposed to going into the drywall where there was no frame to support it.


The second door that we saw at his studio was made from polygal with a metal frame and a hinge in the center of the door and doorway to allow it to pivot in a full circle within the door frame.


Mark Horton Architecture
101 South Park
San Francisco, CA 94107
tel: 415.543.3347
fax: 415.543.1440


~ by seamstudio on February 29, 2008.

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