Waste Not Want Not?


After looking through the many photos that I meant to blog about before but ran out of time, I stumbled upon some images we took the day after Christmas; a holiday that is supposed to be filled with joy and cheer. I am sure that joy and cheer were in abundance on that day of merry but that was not the only thing filled to the brim. Our garbages were also filled to the brim with our leftover cheer in the form of wrapping paper, gift boxes, plastic bags, cups, food, and a variety of other discarded items. Why has this day become a day of discard? Do people realize where all the stuff they throw in their trash goes to after it is picked up and hauled away by the garbage truck and how much more room we have to continue to fill with our waste? Will our consumer obsessed society one day realize that we have no more room to put our garbage and need to stop buying things to replace things we just purchased a few years before? There must be millions of cell phones, digital cameras and other technological items that have become obsolete piling up somewhere.


~ by seamstudio on February 12, 2008.

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