Dodie Thayer


While lecturing last weekend for the Garden Club of Santa Barbara, we were fortunate enough to come across a not so forgotten piece of art from years past. A porcelain cabbage form tureen was on display at the residence that was home for the weekend and when taken apart; became three different pieces. Inscribed on the bottom of the piece was Dodie Thayer, Jupiter Fla and the year it was made. Dodie Thayer remains a mystery to us for all of our internet searches lead to ebay sales and art auctions selling pieces as opposed to any information about the artist herself. Perhaps we should travel to Jupiter Florida to find out more about her…



~ by seamstudio on February 12, 2008.

One Response to “Dodie Thayer”

  1. Hi!Dodie Thayer’s Lettuceware is actually earthenware not porcelain,though the weight of the pieces and the fine edge give it a porcelain appearance.She began selling Lettuceware in the mid 1960’s in Palm Beach,Florida.She sold through several shops:Au Bon Gout,Isabel’s,Etc., Devonshire and most recently Kemble Interiors.She retired just last year at 81.Her work also sold through several shops in New York.Her work was collected by many celebrities including Queen Elizabeth,Jacqueline O’Nassis,Barbara Sinatra,C.Z.Guest and Walter Matthau.She did most of the work herself,though employed a couple of her friends and later her daughter and daughter-in-law and one of her daughter’s friends to try and keep up with the orders.This is a lovely photograph of her work.

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