City of the Future

As I was walking through the expansive main hall of CCA after an interesting lecture by public artists Steve Lambert and Packard Jennings sponsored by Judy Moran of the San Francisco Arts Commission I noticed two physically similar men* folding multi colored papers into intricate shapes..origami of an unprecedented nature… No cranes / paper planes/ or peacocks here…..the imagination of this dynamic duo the Anderson brothers… Architect and Architect….with their merry band of EIGHT team members, a color scanner , a trusty LAZAR cutter , EXTREME passion coupled with delicate diligence has produced an extraordinary three dimensional collage…..not to be missed with the soaring dreams of Fougeron Architects, Pfau Architecture, IF Architecture, IwamotoScott Architecture, Gelfand Partners Architects, rendered in precise modalities of steel, acrylic, paper, and of course futuristic renditions courtesy of some zoomy graphics TONIGHT at the opening of CITY OF THE FUTURE hosted by the architecture department of CCA…

* The dynamic duo upon discussion turned out to be two brothers two years apart Anderson and Anderson check out their web site …..well actually check out the web sites of each team…you will be treated to a wonderful display of imagination/set within the parameters of codes, human conditions and elevations…..enjoy the efforts!!!!!





~ by seamstudio on February 6, 2008.

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