Culinary Suprise!


With winter fast approaching, our recent trip to Sweden to view the site for an upcoming installation turned out to be a gastronomical delight as wells as a cultural awakening as we toured the cities of Göteborg and Stockholm. Göteborg, which is known as the little brother to Stockholm seemed to be a young and hip city but comparably quieter to it’s older sibling. Our highlight was The Gunnebo House, the site of our upcoming installation this summer as part of the Gardens of Göteborg festival that will be taking place in various locations throughout the city during the months of June 28th- September 28th. The Gunnebo House is an 18th century house just outside of Göteborg that has a restaurant that uses seasonal vegetables from the kitchen gardens right outside the door. We were fortunate enough to eat a few meals there and were able to try a variety of dishes consisting of reindeer, lamb (from the lambs on the property), root vegetables, puree’s, fresh salads, seafood, freshly baked bread and delicious deserts. The food there was simply amazing. Other places within the city worth mentioning are Fond and Swea Hof . Stockholm had equally great food and one night we marched through the city to Rolfs Kök where every bite was noteworthy and another night had a late bite next door to the Opera house after watching the ballet. The entire country seemed to use materials and supplies that were found locally or grown organically and have similar principals to the slow food movement..something that the U.S. does very little of.

And we though we were headed for a week of pea soup, Swedish meatballs and pickled hearing!




~ by seamstudio on December 15, 2007.

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